Manufacturing sector

Design and Produce machines dedicated for Seafood & Food Processing.
QCM focuses on high technology & smart machine for planting, harvesting, processing agriculture products.
Consulting, designing & manufacturing production lines, packaging products.

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Over 9 years of experience developing and manufacturing seafood industry, 4 years experience in developing and manufacturing agricultural industry and food industry
High Quality
Design and manufacture high quality products with a team of engineers over 10 years of experience working for US Abbott corporations, and in the field of manufacturing management.
High Efficiency
Faster manufacture by professional team within 15-20 days. Always meet customers' deadlines
Quality Guarantee
Machine warranty for 12 months. Provide on-site installation of equipment and commissioning and guidance.

Chương Nguyễn

Chairman - Director

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  • Does QCM design and manufacture machines according to customers' specific requirements?

    Yes, we do. We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom machine. Just providing us your desired profiles and requirements such as component brand, type of material, we can make machines that fit your needs.

  • Does QCM send technical staff to the customer's factory?

    Yes, we do. We visit your factory for installation, training, repairing and other purposes as required.

  • How many years/ in which condition does your machine last?

    Our customers have been using QCM machines over 8 years until now (with suitable maintenance).

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Management team

Mr Chương Nguyễn
CEO - Chairman
+84 905 516 517
Mr Hiền Nguyễn
Head of Engineering Department
+84 905 73 53 88
Mr Tiến Phạm
Project Director
+84 987 87 67 83

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