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High Capacity Fish De-Scaler


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Technical specification

Model: SGF_QCM_100419

  • Dimension: 2300*800*1800 mm (L*W*H)
  • Electric Power consumption: 5.5 KW
  • Input Power: 380V ± 10%, 3 phase
  • Weight: 400 Kg
  • Through out speed: 20-50 fishes/min
  • Fish weight: 1-6 Kg
  • Fish width maximum: 95 mm
  • Fish high maximum: 200 mm
  • Water consumption: 15-20 l/min
  • Operation worker: 1 person
  • Download the attachment:

Automatic fish scalers can remove the scales from fish automatically. The fish are fed in one side of the machine and exit, descaled, from the other.
With specific design, the machine completely removes scale of fish. Use with fresh fish with many sizes, types Both size of fish. No fish damage
Change speed of fish easy with inventer. Use for fresh whole fish, gutter, removed head fish. Change fish size easily. Scale will be collected and gone out by water. Ready to connect with automatic fish process system
Control system: Schneider
Control box: 2 layers, water resistant.
Safety function: Emergency Button, operation sensor


High Capacity Fish De-Scaler

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