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Sushi shrimp length grading machine


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Technical specification

Model: DLTO-002Q-A

  • Dimension: 3500*1200*1700 mm (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 180 Kg
  • Materials: SUS 304
  • Electric Power consumption: 500 W
  • Input Power: 220V ± 10%, 1 phase
  • Productivity: 80 shrimps/min
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Shrimp are loaded into machine by worker at the door fixed. After that, shrimp are moved quickly to a high-precision electronic measuring system. After determining the length of the shrimp, the machine will automatically open the door, bringing the shrimp to the conveyor.

On the conveyor system, the gauze arrangement will transfer the shrimp to the shrimp baskets corresponding to the length of shrimp measured. Screen interfaces used to set parameters, display, monitor the operation of the machine and report errors when having problems. The machine is divided into 4 sizes.


Sushi shrimp length grading machine

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