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Soup weight packing machine


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Technical specification

Model: WMP2

  • Dimension: 6100*3200*1650 mm (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 600 Kg
  • Materials: Inox 304, plastic PO,PA
  • Electric Power consumption: 5 KW
  • Input Power: 380V ± 10%, 3 phase
  • Productivity: 10 - 30 packs/min
  • Tank volume: 300 L
  • Filling tank volume: 50 L
  • Type of soup installed: 25
  • Conveyor speed in and out: custom
  • How to open the bag: vacuum
  • Waterproof rating: IP 65
  • Download the attachment:

The system of weighing and packaging porridge is bagged and opened automatically.
Raw materials are put into hopper according to machine cycle.
Supervising the amount of raw material before filling spice water, high precision electronic force sensor.
Filling with two separate taps to increase filling speed.
Stable performance in the aquatic environment


Soup weight packing machine

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